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frequently asked questions

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Why photography?

    Photography is something I have been passionate about for years. Art, DIY, and decor have been my hobbies for as long as I can remember. "You're so creative" is something I hear daily. But, photography is something that will never fade. I love capturing moments, real and raw. I want my photos to have feeling. I have gone back and forth for a few years on whether or not I wanted to turn my hobby into something more. Then a November day in 2019, I had the final push I knew I needed. If you know my grandpa, you know he is a man of few words and when he does speak, it's the truth. I remember countless days growing up, sitting at his kitchen table, and his advice on "how to make my softball swing better", "you have to judge that ball better when it's hit to you" and thinking in my head "yeah, yeah, yeah, I know". But this time was different. He told me on that November day, "I don't know what you plan to do with photography, or how you do it, but don't stop. You can feel the genuine happiness in those pictures". This was coming from someone who was always there to give me constructive criticism, who had a passion for photography himself. He took film photos and developed them himself while he was in the Army. He was gifted a DSLR camera for Christmas many years ago, and gave it to me because he saw my interest and passion. So, thank you grandpa and I won't stop.

How do I get my photos and how long does it take?

    Your images and the rights to images will be delivered via online gallery, this link will be emailed to you when they are all edited and all finishing touches have been added. Turnaround is 2-4 weeks, ideally closer to 2, but you know, kids.


    I graduated from the University of Iowa with my bachelors degree in Business Studies - Arts Management. I took a lot of photography, business, art, design, and marketing classes. I also have an Associates Degree in Graphic Design from NICC. Most of my continuing photography is self-taught and I did one-on-one mentoring with Maggie (Iron + Lace Photography out of the Quad Cities). Look her up if you are in the area, she's amazing!

What if I don't see a date I want on your availability?

    I try to put all dates I am available on there, working around my kids schedules. If you don't see a date you'd like, it may already be booked but you are welcome to e-mail me to check -

How many images do I get?

    I don't like to limit the amount of images so you'll almost always get more than 30 except for mini sessions (those are limited to 10). I choose the best ones, and most of the time there are quite a few!

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