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All-Purpose Cleaner

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

The best way to start switching to #greencleaning that can be completely customized to you

This recipe can be the easiest you'll ever find!


1 cap full doTERRA OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate

Fill the rest of your Amber Spray Bottle with water

That's it! You can make it that easy, this concentrate will last you approximately 12 bottles of All-Purpose Cleaner. No more running to the store because you're out! Also, save money because the cost to make this is just over $1 per 16oz bottle!!

You can also customize this recipe to your liking.

Other Ideas:

1. Add 2-3 drops of lemon or your favorite citrus oil to add an even fresher, clean smell

2. Add 2 drops each of Grapefruit, Siberian Fir, and Wild Orange to make an Anthropology Candle-scented cleaner

You can shop for the concentrate or individual oils here - or contact me any time for 25% off everything when you start a wholesale membership! DoTERRA wellness advocate : 6978009

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