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DIY : Painting kid's playhouse

Hand-me-down or old kid's playhouse laying around? Freshen it up with some spray paint for a new fun toy!

A family member was gracious enough to hand us down a plastic "little tikes" playhouse for the girls last summer, so of course I decided to paint it and make it our own.

You can do any color scheme you'd like, but I linked the paints and exact colors I used below.

I just gave the house a quick scrub down before painting, no other prep needed!

I used 3.5 cans of White paint : Purchase on Amazon here

2 cans of Gray paint : Purchase on Amazon here

and 1 can of Yellow paint : Purchase on Amazon here

For the rocks on the front, I originally painted them all white but decided they needed a little "something" So I went over it by very lightly pressing the sprayer on the gray to give it more of a splatter texture as the paint barely came out when lightly pressing

Close up:

Another fun touch (hard to see in the image) : a house number or "hello" on the front door. I just used my Brother Scan and Cut to cut and add to the front door

Shoot me an email if you have any questions + happy crafting!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The purchases do not cost you anything extra, I just receive a small bonus for referring you :)