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Things you ACTUALLY need for baby

Don't go overboard, here are the things I actually used for all my babies

Like being a first time mom isn't overwhelming enough! Here is a great list to start your registry of things you will ACTUALLY use and love. My favorite place to register is with Amazon's Baby Registry since it is so easy to use, almost anyone can use it, and people even have the option to ship items straight to your home if they cannot make it to your baby shower!


The best bottles, have never needed to try any others because I have had such success with these, they have a filter that keeps air bubbles away. Neither of my kids have ever spit up more than a tiny bit, a few times until they were off bottles.

Wash Cloths

These are by far the best and softest wash clothes I've found. They hold up well and are not super thin like most.


Burt's Bees hooded towels, I recommend getting 2. You shouldn't need more than that if you wash them with your baby laundry each time you do so.

Graco Glider Swing

This is a life saver! I will probably get mommy-shamed for saying this, but my kids slept in this thing so well. First 2 months they slept with it rocking on setting 1 for all naps (there are 6 total settings). After that they slept in the top half. The top detaches from the swing and doubles as a bouncy seat. There is also a super easy one-handed lever that they can sit up. You can also attach toys to the handle, this item is so versatile and probably my number one baby recommendation.

Leachco Podster Pillow

Also a life saver. When my kids weren't napping in the Glider Swing, they slept wonderfully in this. Easy to take to grandmas, easy to change color with a new cover if you have a 2nd baby, easy to remove cover to wash! Love it!

Let's talk clothing

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy the cute tiny newborn baby outfits. Yes, pick a going home outfit that you absolutely love for your first pictures but that's it. Anything else is unfortunately a waste of money. All you need is 5 or 6 zip up pajamas in Newborn size. With you being on maternity leave, you will not put them in anything but these. Burts Bees Baby has so many cute, organic options. After newborn size up until 1 year, don't purchase many 2 piece outfits. They will just frustrate you when the shirts are riding up while picking your child up, rolling them back over, in and out of their bouncy chair, etc. Until they are walking stick with onesie outfits, zip up pjs, or any one piece outfits. My favorite brand is Kate Quinn Organics - so soft, so easy to get on and off and most are one pieces for little ones, not to mention SUPER cute!

Skip-Hop Explore & More

This will be your part-time babysitter when your child is able to hold their head up ;) This helped give my arms a break, keep baby entertained, and allow me to get things done! There are multiple levels as the baby grows, it folds flat and is easy to transport if needed. We have an open concept house, so I didn't feel the need to also get one on wheels for the baby to walk around since I can see her from the living room or kitchen. It's gender neutral, comes with a lot of fun attachments, and my kids LOVED the little mirror, so fun to watch them giggle at themselves.

Activity Floor Mat

This is fun to help your babies motor skills and you will use it daily up until 4ish months. It keeps them busy, gives your arms a break, and are very affordable. Here are some of my favorites:

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