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I am dedicating this blog to my mom, Michelle. Everything I have learned in life creatively and about food, I have learned from her. She's my inspiration for designs, decor, recipes, and the reason I usually don't measure anything (which makes posting recipes extremely hard).

Most of my childhood was spent in a Bed & Breakfast, no literally, we lived there. It was my norm at the time, but looking back it's a little creepy I shared my house with 14+ random strangers every single weekend, and most weekdays. I wouldn't change it for the world though. I learned so much being around strangers (most of them were friendly) but most importantly this is where my love for cooking came from. Whether she knows it or not, I spent countless hours watching my mom cook every single day. I mostly just sat back and observed and asked any questions that came to my mind. At the ages of 7-14 I could not wrap my head around how this woman enjoyed cooking so much, but now I totally get it. Thanks for teaching me everything I know mom, even though I don't think you thought I was paying any attention at all :)

I also have a love for essential oils, and get asked all the time how I use them, what I used in a certain recipe, etc. So you'll see some blog posts about those as well. Also a good way for me to keep track of my own oil recipes since IF I do remember to write them down, I usually can't find them anywhere, so I know I can refer back here to make the recipes I use daily again, and again.

*Oil disclaimer - if you are making/using the recipes I provided, please don't use anything other than doTERRA essential oils, especially if you are using topically or orally. Oils from online shops, amazon, or even Natural Grocers are loaded with fillers, water, synthetics and who knows what else. If not doTERRA, find a brand you researched hard and know are 100% safe!

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